Tourenrucksack Tour Bag 50 VorderansichtA good touring rucksack is ideal for multi-day trips in challenging terrain. In comparison with a trekking backpack, it is slightly smaller, but more stable. You can easily tackle even slippery stairs or climbing sections with a touring rucksack on your back. This is why Outdoorer developed the Tour Bag 50. It has a volume of 50 litres and can be adapted for a good grip on your body.


The heavy-duty Tour Bag 50 by Outdoorer is available at Amazon.


Light touring rucksack with a volume of 50 litres
At 2.1 kg, the Tour Bag 50 rucksack by Outdoorer is easy to carry and offers plenty of room for your gear, due to its 50L volume. It is therefore ideally suited for multi-day trips in challenging terrain. Fully-packed and including the carrying system it measures approx. 68 x 42 x 26 cm.

Also an ideal travel backpack – suitable as hand luggage on the plane!
Save money with your travel rucksack, the Tour Bag 50, since it is easy to carry as cabin baggage on a plane. When filled to the bottom edge it measures 55 cm in height. Using the straps for lashing brings it easily under 55x40x20 cm which is what most airlines allow for hand luggage. Here you will find an overview of the hand luggage limits of both the low cost and other popular airlines.

tourenrucksack_tour_bag_50_hinten8-way adjustable suspension system for more stability

Touring backpacks must be very stable, because they must not impede the freedom of movement of the wearer on slippery paths or passages through the rocks. With the Tour Bag 50 therefore, the suspension system can be perfectly adapted to your body. It can be adjusted 8-ways to match your torso length. In addition, the hip fins can be adjusted individually. Just like the other supports, belts and straps.

Good air permeability thanks to ventilation

On hot days, backpack models in which the whole of the back rests against the body, can stick to the body uncomfortably. To stop you from getting in a sweat before you arrive at your destination and to ensure that you can enjoy the tour, the Tour Bag 50 by Outdoorer has rear ventilation for the body. So the touring rucksack only touches the back in a few places. These are in turn provided with a mesh surface. Thus, the contact surface is reduced again. An air duct positioned along your spinal column provides for permanent ventilation.

Large main compartment with inside pocket

You can store all your equipment comfortably in the Tour Bag 50’s large main compartment. If you want a little more order in the interior, then, if needed, you can the large space into two smaller ones. The lower part can still be easily accessed from the front. Therefore important items can be stored there. In addition, the touring backpack features a small inner compartment on the back.

Numerous zip pockets

The Tour Bag 50 rucksack is also distinguished by its many zip pockets and pouches. There is a large pocket with a zip on each side, a pouch with a zip on the front and two flat pockets in the lid, one external and one internal. These outside pockets ensure that you have everything you need immediately to hand and don’t have to rummage around in the rucksack looking for it!tourenruckack_tour_bag_50_seite

Good protection against rain thanks to its water repellent treatment

A good outdoor rucksack must be able to survive downpours can easily. Therefore, the Tour Bag 50 is equipped with a high-quality water-repellent PU coating. For strong and long-lasting rains, we recommend our Rain Defender backpack rain cover, which protects your luggage from moisture in seconds and makes you highly visible in bad weather thanks to being in the signal colour of yellow!

External mounting options for equipment

The Tour Bag 50 has numerous external mounting options for equipment. Sleeping bag, mattress and so on are best stored here. They also make it very easy to dry wet clothes.

Technical Facts – Tour Bag 50 by Outdoorer

  • Stable touring rucksack
  • Capacity: 50 L
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Material: 600D ULY / PU + 1680D ULY / PU with water-repellent coating
  • Ergonomic back system that adapts to the back length, 8-way adjustable
  • Flexible hip fins
  • Supports, belts and straps can be adjusted individually
  • S-shaped straps and ventilation for the spine
  • Divisible main compartment with front access
  • Additional inner compartment at the back
  • Many zipped pockets – one on each side, a front pocket and compartments on the inside and outside of the lid

Where can you buy the Tour Bag 50?

Order the touring backback Tour Bag 50 at Amazon.