Anyone who wants to anchor their beach shelter or tent firmly on the beach or on very sandy soils, so that even stronger winds can not disturb the peace of their rest area, should use sand pegs for security. Hence Outdoorer has created the Sand Fortress, an 8-pack of sand pegs made of surface steel with a V-profile for more stability and a round hole. The 30 cm long sand pegs are delivered in a special transport bag, which is made of durable PVC.

The technical specifications of the sand pegs Sandfortress:

  • 8 pack
  • 30 cm long
  • surface-coated steel
  • with round holes
  • V-profile

Facelift for 2014:

25% stronger surface-coated steel

robust transport bag, which is made of durable PVC


Where can you buy this sand pegs?

The stable Sandfortress sand pegs are available at Amazon.