In additiCoolButler40on to its little sister the Cool Butler 25, Outdoorer also offers a large cool bag in the same green-grey design. This is also a great way to keep food and drinks cool for long periods.
Thus the Cool Butler 40 works very well as a cooler for the car. It is especially useful for long holiday trips with the whole family, as it holds enough food for the rest stops. When used as a picnic bag, it has enough space to carry the picnic blanket as well. As a cooling carrying case, it is ideal for bringing frozen food home. It is even suitable for use as a heat bag – for example, to transport hot food.


The Cool Butler 40 is available at Amazon.


The Cool Butler 40 has a volume of 40 litres. Its 42cm height means that even large beverage bottles are easy to pack. The handles have a cover, so that the Cool Butler can be carried comfortably. For longer distances to the beach or to a picnic site, we have integrated a wide strap to make it easier to carry.
On the front, there is an outer pocket for things that you want to keep ready to hand, such as a bottle opener. So that it stands better and lasts longer, the edges were reinforced at the base.


Specifications for the Cool Butler 40:

  • Green design by Outdoorer
  • Volume: 40 litre
  • Practical carrying handle with cover
  • Stable strap for carrying over the shoulder
  • Side pocket on the outside
  • Good insulation
  • Reinforced edges on the base
  • High-quality zip
  • Size: 38 x 25 x 42 cm
  • Weight: 0.53 kg


Where to buy the lage cooling bag?

You can buy the large cooling bag in our Amazon store.