festival_camp2Even though festivals are ever so cool, a tent can still throw a fairly decent-sized spanner in the works. When it’s raining cats and dogs and everyone is getting wetter than they would have done if they’d just stayed outside the tent. The storm is blowing away unceremoniously. A random stone cuts a slit through the thin groundsheet. It’s so stuffy and hot in the tent and a (fan) flag someone brought in does the rest. Somebody’s tent collapses every festival. So we came up with the idea of creating a tent which was tailored specifically to use at festivals and which was quite simply called Festival Camp. We have created a high-quality festival tent, which is absolutely affordable, and can definitely survive more than 1 Festival! Why fret later when you can just buy a solid festival tent straight away?

We’ll briefly explain why the festival tent is so good for festivals and also give some tips on how to use it:

festival_campBig enough for 2-3 people

Normally you go to a festival with friends and/or your girl-/boyfriend. That means there should be space for at least 2-3 people. Anyone who’s going solo to a festival will also definitely not mind if there’s plenty of space available.

Very robust build quality & taped seams

The build quality is very solid and the seams are all taped. This ensures that the festival tent stays dry and comfortable inside even in the pouring rain. Many a cheap tent has collapsed at first use, but the owner of a Festival Camp will be able to have more fun in it at the next event.

festival_camp4Durable PE base 

Not every festival area is perfect for camping. The durable PE base holds its own against one or two small stones and is equipped with a of 5.000mm water column to give good protection against moisture from below.

Inner tent made of breathable polyester & vent on the back

So that it is neither too stuffy nor too hot in the tent, the inner tent is equipped with breathable polyester and the outer tent has a vent that can be spread upwards.

Waterproof flysheet

With a 2,000mm hydrostatic head the Festival Camp also withstands strong downpours easily. The seams are glued to prevent them letting anything through.

Small tent for parking shoes, food, drinks

The festival tent has a so-called apse, a kind of tent, where you can take off your shoes and store anything which would be a nuisance in the tent itself. A little tip for hot nights, if it is too hot in summer, you can leave the awning open and still be protected from pesky mosquitoes by the mosquito net.

Simple construction with system for mooring of the flysheet

When the inner tent is erected and anchored with pegs in the ground, the outer tent is simply pulled over and attached with an elastic band – an ideal tent for a festival.


Technical Details – Festival Camp:

  • Large enough for 2-3 people
  • Dimensions: 180 x 210 + 50 x 120cm
  • Weight: about 3.2 kg
  • Outer tent: Polyester, 5.000mm water column
  • Taped seams
  • Breathable polyester for the inner tent
  • Base made of durable PE, 5,000mm water column
  • Vent at rear
  • Practical awning for storage
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Transport bag with tent pegs and guy ropes included

Where do we offer our Festival Camp?

You can buy the festival tent Festival Camp via Amazon.