trekkingWith the Trek Escape Outdoorer reached its goal of creating a light trekking tent that defies even the most extreme weather conditions and is very well suited for use as a winter tent even in the snow.

The Trek Escape trekking tent is the ideal companion on all treks, whether on foot, by bike or by boat, such as kayaking and canoeing. The Trek Escape is also well equipped for expeditions and adventures. Even for motorbike tours it is very convenient as you always have a place to sleep handy and the pack size is very small.

We show here what the Trek Escape has to offer:trekking Trek Escape

Better UV protection thanks to the trekking tent’s SI-coating

The SI-coating provides excellent protection against harmful UV radiation, which is not only harmful to humans but also damages material. On the beach, in the mountains, near the equator, and in vulnerable regions such as Australia it is particularly strong.

Good wind protection: The streamlined shape of the trekking tent defies any storm. TIP – the short side should this always be placed downwind. The many guy ropes and massive pegs make it possible to anchor the Trek Escape very firmly.

Sufficient rain protection: The SI coating on both sides is highly durable and long-lasting even with constant use. Water pressure hardly affects the tent so a water column of 2.000mm is more than adequate for the outer tent. The floor is made from nylon, which has a particularly high water column of 4000 mm!

The Trek Escape comes with a seam sealer. This protects your tent and ensures that no moisture will leak in through the seams. We encourage you to treat all seams with it before the first use. Just apply the seam sealer on the inside seam and allow it to dry thoroughly. Usually it takes about 3-6 hours, for the sealant to dry. After this, the seams are guaranteed to be waterproof.

trekking tent - Trek EscapeRIPSTOP Nylon – absolutely tear-proof, no re-tensioning when wet:  Again, it should be mentioned that the SI-coating makes the tent much more resistant to tearing. Should a tiny crack appear, the rip-stop nylon helps to stop it from getting any bigger. Further tearing is prevented because weft and warp yarns are incorporated, which also go a long way to preventing expansion when wet and means that re-tensioning is generally not necessary.

Ultralight through the use of rip-stop nylon for the outer tent: Thanks to the use of nylon, you save on weight when compared to polyester tents, but you don’t lose out on the features of a qualty tent.

Good internal climate: If the temperature difference between the inside of the tent and the outside world is very large, then you generally get condensation. Outdoorer created the inner tent using only breathable nylon and included mosquito nets. There is also a vent at the highest point in order to help provide balance and improve the air in the tent.Trek-Escape

Mosquito protection: There are very fine mosquito nets in the inner tent to prevent gnats, mosquitoes, horsefly and other biting insects from getting inside the trekking tent and disturbing your night’s sleep.

Quictrekking tent - Trek Escape carry bagk set-up: The duralumin rods are assembled quickly. Then the inner tent is simply hung with brackets and is anchored with pegs. The outer tent is simply attached to the inner tent with high-quality YKK fastenings (in the same way as you close a backpack). That’s all there is to it. The outer tent just needs to be stretched out and you’re finished!

Brand zips from YKK: For the Trek Escape we have used only brand zips from YKK, which are very smooth-running and extremely durable.

Storage of equipment under the roof: There is an apse which can be used when needed to store equipment near the entrance.

Technical details – trekking tent Trek Trek Escape tentEscape:

  • ultralight at 1.5 kg
  • resistant thanks to the SI-coating on both sides
  • brand zips and fastenings from YKK
  • high-quality duralumin poles with special surface finish
  • dimensions: 120 x 290 x 100 cm for 1 person to max. 2 people with 120 cm tent width
  • pack size: ca. 40 x 15 x 15 cm
  • flysheet: rip-stop nylon, siliconized surface, UV resistant, 2,000mm water column
  • inner tent: breathable RIPSTOP NYLON
  • base: nylon, 4000 mm water column
  • ventilation flap at the highest point
  • fine mosquito nets inside
  • small apse for storing equipment



Where to purchase the trekking tent Trek Escape?

You can buy our trekking tent Trek Escape via Amazon.